Social media has become the hub of marketing. It has become the place for marketing and interaction with potential customers. This is an interesting time because we see social media changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Social media has taken on a new form and has found a new role in marketing. It has become a means to reach out and connect to all of your customers and friends. In this blog, we will discuss the design tools that will help you market better and create awesome social media posts.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021


Our favorite and highly recommended design tool for making any design for social media, print and now even video animations are available right inside Canva.

Inside Canva you can find thousands of templates for Social Media, whether it’s Instagram like below, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and so much more being added in their templates daily.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021

The editor experience inside Canva is one of the best, if not the best experience a novice designer or non-designer will ever have.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021

From 60 million images, elements, videos, and audio from Canva’s massive library, Canva Pro users can now use animate feature on any element within their design and add multiple tracks of music for video templates. There’s also plenty of Image and Text effects that will make any design stand out! You can event make an animated explainer video right inside Canva, check out this video we

With Canva, you can now design and schedule posts for Social Media, which is what Canva aims to help its users – Design Anything, Publish Anywhere! Truly one of the design tools for social media 2021.

If you are not yet on a Canva Pro subscription, you might be missing out on all the great features available for Pro users like Background Erase, Magic Resize, Schedule Publishing to Social Media, and many more, we have great news for you! You can now subscribe to Canva Pro for up to 5 people for 1 low price! Click HERE or the image below for details.


Crello has been one of our favorite go to platforms for creating great looking posts that makes your message stand out with its animated features built inside the tool.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021

Thanks to its ever growing library of templates, close integration with Deposit Photos for its massive image stock library, Crello now has video, music, animations, effects, and so much more. Creating your own design and video has never been this easier!

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021


From the makers of Animaker comes their tool for creating graphic designs, Picmaker is a brand-new tool we discovered and found AMAZING for its great looking templates, features, and premium stock library.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021

Picmaker has their MAD button which gives the user AI-enhanced suggestions on colors, fonts, backgrounds, and images that we are testing out and see if it follows the same design principles that Designers follow in making their graphic designs. We absolutely love the Stickerify effect which makes any transparent image look like a sticker in no time! Perfect for that Youtube thumbnail for your next video!

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021


Piktochart is well known for its beautifully designed infographics and now they are adding Social Media templates to their ever growing library.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021

When you need some Infographics done, we highly recommend Piktochart for the job! You can easily add sections, icons, illustrations, photos, and more right inside Piktochart’s user friendly editor.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021


Simplified is a collaborative design platform that helps you create images, video, and copy quickly from one place. Simplified has the built in workflow engine to get your team on the same (web) page and tag, comment, and collaborate in real-time, automate your to-do’s and get things done, fast.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021

We have recently discovered this AI powered design and collaboration tool for making copy (no need to hire a copywriter) and graphic designs all in one platform. You can easily animate any part of your design, add images, icons, and so much more.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021


Trakto is an easy-to-use online design editor that helps you create professional sales and marketing materials with templates, images, icons, shapes, and more.

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021

One of our most recent discovered tools while searching the web, with Trakto you can create social media posts, business proposals, and even mini-sites to promote your products and services. With their easy to use editor, you can quickly add stickers, GIFs, images, videos, and icons right inside the platform. You can even track links by turning your designs into a mini site!

Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021

Design Tools for Social Media 2021

We hope you enjoyed this blog post discussing the 6 Design Tools for your Social Media in 2021. We know that Social Media has been a huge part of the business world in the past few years and that it will continue to be a major part of the business world in the future. In this blog, we believe these tools will be vital for your business in 2021 and beyond! If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Top 6 Design Tools for Social Media in 2021
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