You might be a one-person business, or maybe you have a small team. Either way, you’re probably looking for ways to quickly and efficiently advertise your product or service.
One of the most effective ways to do this is through animated banners.
But there are a lot of tools out there to create these, and it’s challenging to know which one to use.
Here’s a rundown of our Top 5 Tools to Create Animated Banners.

Top 5 Tools to Create Animated Banners


Canva has been our all time favorite design tool for creating just about anything, anywhere. With a Canva PRO subscription, you can easily design an animated banner for every niche or occasion in seconds! Just take a look at the animated template below we quickly designed using the tool!

Vintage Coffee Promo Special Flyer by Mrdzyn Studio

If you are still on the FREE plan of Canva, maybe it’s time for a 45 day FREE trial of their CANVA PRO plan. Click the image below to get started or click HERE!


BannerBoo is the simplest way to create, manage, and publish animated ads for social media and ad platforms, all without any coding. Choose from over a hundred pre-made banner templates like the one below!

Just check out the editor of BannerBoo where they have a multi track timeline editor!

Top 5 Tools to Create Animated Banners
BannerBoo editor

For a limited time, BannerBoo is running a lifetime deal HERE or click on the image below.


Viewst is an easy-to-use app that lets you create professionally‑designed ads from scratch in minutes, no design or coding experience required. Just take a look at this banner made using Viewst!


Viewst has a multi-track timeline editor for animating your banners quickly and without being an animator!

Top 5 Tools to Create Animated Banners
Viewst multi-track timeline editor for animations

For a limited time, Viewst is running a Lifetime deal HERE or click on the animated banner below.

Animatron Studio

Animatron Studio is a cloud based software to add fun banners or include animated videos on your websites and social media that are sure to keep viewers hooked. It is actually a 2D animation software to whip out animated banners or even explainer videos.

Animatron has a ton of assets, all thanks to its close integration with Wave.Video, flagship product of the same company behind Animatron Studio

Top 5 Tools to Create Animated Banners
Animatron’s online editor has Expert and Lite modes

If you are interested to subscribe to Animatron studio, you may do so by clicking HERE.

Please also check out this How to create 2D explainer videos using Animatron Studio.


Crello is an easy-to-use online design editor with thousands of ready-made, customizable templates and millions of high-quality photos, videos, and designs. Just take a look at the design below!

Top 5 Tools to Create Animated Banners

Crello’s Design Editor is built with a ton of features, almost competing with Canva in terms of the design assets available for their PAID plans. They also have an integration with DepositPhotos premium stock assets which you can purchase directly from inside the platform.

Top 5 Tools to Create Animated Banners
Crello’s design editor is very user friendly and rivals that of Canva in terms of the design assets

For a limited time, Crello is running a deal HERE or click on the banner below.

We leave the decision to you on which platform works best for you or your business. We have all tools available for our team as each has their own unique advantages and design assets. Thanks for reading!

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Top 5 Tools to Create Animated Banners

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