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Are you still using GMAIL or YAHOO as your BUSINESS email?

It’s about time you get a PROFESSIONAL EMAIL address.

Here are the TOP 5 Reasons to get your BUSINESS a PROFESSIONAL EMAIL

  1. A Professional Email Reflects How you RUN your BUSINESS
  2. A Professional Email Builds TRUST
  3. A Professional Email keeps you OUT of SPAM Filters
  4. A Professional Email Separates you from the COMPETITION
  5. A Professional Email means not just BETTER BRANDING but also PRIVACY

Reflects How you RUN your BUSINESS

Imagine your client looking at a GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS for TOP SERVICE PROVIDERS for the services that he requires. Imagine being a REAL ESTATE AGENT / BROKER wanting to grab more customers in a very competitive market. Then they look into your COMPANY PROFILE and finds a GMAIL / YAHOO email address to get in touch with. A Professional Email starts with your own BUSINESS DOMAIN. Get one now from Porkbun.

Builds TRUST

Imagine yourself handing your business card to a POTENTIAL client and he sees a GMAIL / YAHOO email address, is it not obvious that he would most likely not send you a reply? Build your BRAND with a PROFESSIONAL email, or better yet, ask US to build your own WEBSITE starting with a PRO hosting at Fastcomet.

Keeps you OUT of SPAM Filters

Emails get SPAMMED when there is NO TRUST between the SENDER EMAIL and the RECIPIENT host. This happens all the time with a gmail or yahoo email address. Make sure your email is delivered to your customer mailbox with a PROFESSIONAL EMAIL address.

Separates you from the COMPETITION

Just imagine you and your competitors both using a GMAIL email address.


Buying your own PROFESSIONAL EMAIL is all about building your BRAND and how you value PRIVACY. It is a big thing nowadays.

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Top 5 Reasons why your BUSINESS needs a PROFESSIONAL EMAIL

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