designpreneurs toolkit 2019 - canva x visme

The Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019

Who wins? Canva or Visme?

In this year’s designpreneurs toolkit, we excluded the entire Adobe CC suite from the list.

We added a new category for Design platforms All-in-one which includes heavyweights Canva and Visme. So who wins this face-off? We carefully break it down to the following categories to help fellow Designpreneurs decide which platform they would prefer using and consider cutting off their Adobe subscription.

Ease of Use

ease of use - designpreneurs toolkit 2019
Ease of Use

Canva launched its platform on the web and mobile to ensure users would be very familiar with its interface and how it works. Clearly, the mobile first strategy worked for them, as users are very familiar with its interface, now v.2.0.about:blankCanva Tutorial Walkthrough by MRDZYN Studio

Visme launched its platform on the web and is yet to go on mobile. However, the web app is simply a breeze to use as shown in this video below.about:blankVisme Tutorial Walkthrough by MRDZYN Studio

Fit for Purpose

designpreneurs toolkit 2019 - canva x visme
Fit for purpose – Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019

Earlier versions of Canva was focused on making design assets for social media. Visme, on the other hand was created to address the need to make infographics and presentation much more faster and consistent.

Canva has hundreds to about thousands of templates, many thanks to its sheer number of users (see web traffic in the last section). However, Visme boasts of its premium templates including a Slides library and pre-made Infographic templates which you can easily modify and make it your own.

Premium vs Free

Premium vs Free - Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019 Canva x Visme
Premium vs FREE – Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019

Canva FREE is perhaps the most popular and for good reasons. There is a ton of FREE design assets and photos built into the platform. However, the paid version includes 1M+ images and you can buy premium stock photos / graphics at $1 each for each use / download of the image.

Visme COMPLETE on the other hand includes EVERYTHING in their library, assets, icons, photos, and templates for paid subscribers. You don’t have to pay for anything else aside from the core subscription.


Security - Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019
Security – Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019

As of this writing, Canva does not have password protection on its projects. However, the platform allows easy sharing between accounts for its templates.

Visme, on the other hand allows for password protection on its projects, but does not allow sharing between accounts for its templates, except if they belong to the same team.

Videos & Animations

Videos and Animations - Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019

Videos will dominate the market for visual design. Not only videos are retained by our memory, more than images, videos can also be interactive and boost customer engagement.

As of this writing, Canva offers export to MP4 files and has simple animations for every design made in the platform with a Canva for Work subscription.×280&!2&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=G2QBAzOOvc&p=https%3A//

Visme, on the other hand offers export to HTML5 which allows for embedding on websites for lead generation, interactive presentations, and more.

Website Traffic

Website Traffic - Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019
Website Traffic – Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019

As expected, there is a lot of website traffic for Canva, given it also has its own mobile app. Visme is far behind in terms of website traffic, as their niche is towards the enterprise clients as well as small and medium businesses.


So there you have it! Canva or Visme? I would say, get them both! If you would be interested in getting Visme, I would appreciate if you will subscribe using my LINK.

You’re here to rule this world!
Photographer: Agnieszka Boeske | Source: Unsplash

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The Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019 – Canva X Visme

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