It’s been a few weeks since we posted about the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020. In this new blog post, we pit the reigning King/Queen of Design All-in-OneCanva and up and coming Pixteller the Image and Animation Video Maker.

canva vs pixteller
The Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020 by Mrdzyn Studio

The Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020 is a collection of valuable resources for fellow Designpreneurs.

Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019: Canva Pro

A lot of people will be familiar in using Canva as they have been in the business for quite some time. In this blog post, we feature how Canva Pro can benefit your business as a Designpreneur.

Canva Pro and its ease of Use

Canva 2.0 is so easy to use that you just search for a template to create and search for elements to use and then export your final design! You can even create a unique LOGO using Canva elements, just watch this demo I made. Make sure to export it as a PDF so you can import to your vector software to generate EPS and SVG vectors.

Canva Pro Premium Elements

Videos will soon be part of Canva FREE and PRO plans but we personally recommend getting the PRO plan as soon as you can! TIP: Canva recently bought Pixabay and Pexels and all the images are available in their platform.

Canva: Design Anything, Publish Anywhere!

Canva T-Shirts!

True to its vision of Design Anything, Publish Anywhere, Canva recently launched their Printing services, making your digital designs come to life as business cards, brochures, and so much more. You can already print on T-shirts your Designs made using Canva.

Animations and Videos are coming soon (or some of the features are already there being tested) for Canva. It will soon be

Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019: Pixteller Diamond

Pixteller Image and Animation Maker

It’s actually about you, about us empowering you. – Pixteller

This is the motto of Pixteller when they started the platform. It is all about helping people unleash the power of their imagination through beautiful and creative designs – without being a designer or a technology professional.

The most unique feature that stands out for Pixteller is their Animation Editor which has a FULL FEATURED timeline editor which works very similar to “keyframing” in most video editors. You can refer to the below videos for the Tutorials and how I animated my design for the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020 – Pixteller PRO Lifetime Subscriptions Giveaway x3!

Pixteller Tutorials
Animate your Designs using Pixteller
Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020 - Pixteller PRO Lifetime subscriptions Giveaway
The Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020 – Pixteller PRO Lifetime Subscription Giveaway!

Courtesy of Alex and our friends at Pixteller, we are holding a contest starting on Nov 4 here. Be sure to check our blog and social media for any updates to this contest!

Made using Pixteller

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Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020: Canva Pro vs Pixteller Diamond

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