Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020
Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020

In our last blog post, we mentioned the BEST DESIGN SOFTWARE ALL-IN-ONEs, all included in our Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019.

Today, we are going to tell you more about the awesome Video Editors – both ONLINE and OFFLINE that we found the BEST of the BEST available on the MARKET TODAY. All here in the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019

Without further adieu, we present to you the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019 with all the BEST Video Editors TODAY!

As they say, videos are the future and most certainly, Videos will dominate the Social Media world. What does that mean? You might have noticed that Videos have already dominated FACEBOOK, the largest Social Media Network, that in fact, their revamped interface both on Mobile and on the Desktop are built with Video in mind. Read our post here why Videos will Dominate the Digital Marketing space in 2019.

What is the Real Value of SOcial Media for your Business in 2019?
What is the Real Value of Social Media for your Business in 2019?

We divide the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019 list by the Video Editor’s Availability – ONLINE and OFFLINE access.

Online Video Editors


InVideo Online Video Editor

One of my newest favorites, Invideo is an online based video editor that can turn your BLOGS into an instant video! It also has an templates for other videos like promotional videos, stories, and more. Here is a sample video made using InVideo:

The Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019 by MRDZYN Studio
Social Media Videos from Blog Posts by MRDZYN Studio

Wave Video

Wave Video
Wave Video Online Editor
Creating Videos Like a Pro is easy with Wave Video

One of my early favorites, Wave Video has since grown quickly as a marketers platform for video. They have a video calendar and a lot of video templates that is easily customizable with text and stickers! Here is a sample video using Wave Video

Video Ad: 7 Tips for Selling Your House
Video for Social Media using Wave Video Editor


Offeo makes Video Ads creation super FAST and EASY

One of my very useful and quite new subscriptions, Offeo offers a very fun to use platform with version 3.0 already LIVE. Below are some sample videos using Offeo:

Video Ads for Social Media made using Offeo
Powerful Video Animations made easy by Offeo


Reevio Online Editor
Reevio Online Editor

One of the online video editors that really caught my attention this year is Reevio. They are already on version 3.0 of their software and has started their subscription plans for its users and regular update of new templates.

Cool Video Templates in Reevio 3.0

An Intro maker for most of its templates but it has other templates like Music Visualizers, Stories, and Video ads.

A Travel and Lifestyle Blog by MRDZYN Studio
Video Intros made by MRDZYN Studio using


Simple 2D animations made easy! You get options for Standard (personal) and Enterprise (commercial) licenses but I suggest getting the latter one for more animation objects. Purchase Toonly HERE.

Toonly explainer video made by MRDZYN Studio
Video Promotion Sample by MRDZYN Studio


Whiteboard / doodle videos have been a long time dream of mine to create and with Doodly, it has never been much easier to create one. Purchase Doodly HERE.

Whiteboard Explainer Video by MRDZYN Studio

Animatron Studio

Animatron Studio is the earlier project of the Wave Video team. The project seems to have not been updated for quite some time and would love this product to reach its potential. Below are some sample videos using the platform. You can buy Animatron studio here.

Explainer Video created using Animatron Studio
Explainer video created by MRDZYN Studio

Recast Studio

Recast Studio – The fastest way to create social videos

This online video editor has a potential to be one of the top online video editors. It’s AI engine for converting BLOGS into VIDEOS is quite accurate. Do check them out and their ongoing LIFETIME DEAL here. Below is a sample render of their FREE PLAN:

Turn your BLOG into VIDEOS with Recast.Studio


I have to try this online editor (PAID) but with original clips in its belt, I see some potential. Here is a sample video rendered using their FREE PLAN:

WeVideo Online Editor comes with 1M + original videos exclusive to the platform

Video Ads Academy by MRDZYN Studio
Learn how to make Video Ads and Share Best Practices – Join our Facebook Group!

Offline Video Editors / Animations

ACDSee Video Studio 3

Video Studio 3 by ACDSee

This is a very small but powerful video program that is lightning fast! I recommend buying the FULL SUITE as it is very powerful for image editing, organizing, and even video convertions!

Photo Studio Ultimate 2019
ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019


Hitfilm is one of the professional FREE editors with a very solid set of features that rivals that of PAID professional Editors. Their PRO version has over 200+ VFX included and has powerful animation rigging capabilities.

Hitfilm Professional Video Editor by FXHOME

Da Vinci Resolve

Resolve is perhaps the most powerful FREE professional video editors available on the Market. Its node based workflow for FUSION VFX is very powerful, it rivals that of Adobe’s.

Da Vinci Resolve Professional Editor
Da Vinci Resolve Professional Video Editor

Cartoon Animator

Just like Toonly but much more powerful customizations but a very steep learning curve. They recently updated their branding from Crazy Talk Animator to Cartoon Animator, 4th iteration to their software.

LumaFusion for iPad / iPhone

LumaFusion for iPad and iPhone
LumaFusion on iOS

Perhaps the most powerful portable video editor on iOS.

Corel VideoStudio

Mid range video editing software that is easy on the pocket and low learning curve. Corel’s video editor lineup is as solid as its popular Corel Graphics Suite.

Corel VIdeoStudio 2019
Corel VideoStudio 2019

Cyberlink PowerDirector

Another mid range video editor that is easy to use yet powerful.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 2019

VSDC Video Editor

A FREE and powerful video editor that rivals VideoStudio and PowerDirector. They are currently running a LIFETIME DEAL here.

VSDC Video Editor

Windows and MAC OSX offers FREE Video Editors built-in with MS Photos and Mac / iOS iMovie are also great alternatives.

If you like our article, please share it on SOCIAL MEDIA or link to our Blog post. As parting gift, we give you the The Beginner-To-Expert Photography & Videography Bundle available now HERE.

The Beginner-To-Expert Photography & Videography Bundle
The Beginner-To-Expert Photography & Videography Bundle

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