Hey Designpreneurs! It’s been a while since the last post update on the Designpreneurs Toolkit so today we put InVideo Video Maker on the spotlight!

In this new blog post, we discuss about the newest (or not so new) kid on the Video Making block, InVideo!

Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019: InVideo

InVideo is a up and coming online video maker perfect for Designpreneurs and Business Users alike. Let me tell you why and what are the Benefits of Using InVideo for your Business as a Designpreneur.

Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019: InVideo Benefits

Video Editing tools have long been done using popular tools from Adobe and its open source counterparts. With the improvement of Internet Services Infrastructure, mainly increase and stability of the ISP Networks, online based services have been very successful and what we refer now as Software-as-a-Service

InVideo Online Video Maker

Designpreneurs around the world have to be mobile and ready to create and produce content anywhere. This is why the concept of online Video Makers, Video Creators, Video Editors, Social Video Creator, Video Ads Maker, etc. are very popular nowadays. Online Video SaaS makes it so much easier to do all these things on the cloud, whenever, wherever, creativity strikes! There is no installation to be done. Designpreneurs can use just about any ordinary laptop or computer as long as it can run a Chrome browser, with decent Internet speed. All video clips, sounds, graphics, animations can be stored in the InVideo platform.

What makes InVideo – Online Video Maker, an easy to use alternative?

The answer in one word is: All-in-One Video Maker

InVideo is an easy to use video creation software for Designpreneurs. It has 3 video modes:

  • Storytelling Mode – Convert your Script/Blog to a Video
  • Templates Mode – Ready made Versatile Video templates
  • Build Your Own Video Mode – Full creative freedom

Full Creative Control that makes it easy to create videos

Each element in the InVideo platform editor is Fully customizable and moveable, so that you can make every video your own.

Ready Made Templates Done For You

InVideo‘s templates are growing everyday! Soon it will have thousands inside the platform, that will make it so much easier to build your video marketing assets as a Designpreneur.

Blow the competition away with your InVideo

Inside the platform, you can find unique animations from Intro to Outro each and every scene, taking Video Storytelling to the next level. Here is a sample Kinetic Video Animation I made using the InVideo platform.

Aside from the Text, InVideo also has integration to both FREE and PREMIUM images and videos that you would surely love! No more Alt +Tab on your Windows PC and Command + Tab on your Mac! Subscribing to a Plan of InVideo is a sure no-brainer deal since it already includes a monthly supply of Premium videos from Shutterstock and Storyblocks.

You can now create an awesome Video Intro / Outro using InVideo!

There is a lot more inside the InVideo platform that will BLOW YOUR MIND as a Designpreneur. Music Library, Overlays, Animated Stickers, Shapes, Collage layouts, just too many to cover in one blog post! Just signup for a FREE account here.

InVideo Customer Support

InVideo’s Customer Support is TOP NOTCH. In-platform live chat is always available and responsive. You can definitely rely on them if problem or issues arises. Moreover, they have a very active and engaging Facebook group here. Take a look at this very cool video of InVideo!

The Future is InVideo

Yes you read that right! Video is the NOW of Designpreneurs Marketing. Just Check G2Crowd and their reviews HERE. #InVideo we rely on for increased Customer Engagement and Servicing. Give InVideo a spin by SIGNING UP for a FREE or PAID Account HERE.


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Designpreneurs Toolkit 2019: InVideo Video Maker

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