Designpreneur’s Toolkit 2018 – Part 1

From Vector / Raster Software, Video Editors, Desktop Publishing and Design Inspirations, we list them down for you.

The Designpreneur’s Toolkit Part 1

In order to be successful as a designpreneur, you have to equip yourself with the right tools. Lucky for you, our dearest readers, we have compiled a very comprehensive list of Tools to arm yourself with this 2018! This post is just the 1st part of many series where we reveal each week the ALL of the tools that you’ll need in order to be a successful Designpreneur! Below are just a general description and links to each tool and I’ll write a review of some of the ones I personally use in my next blog posts.


Vector & Raster Tools

If you are not yet familiar what vector and raster software are, I published a Free book Graphic Design in 7 Days available at issuu which you can access HERE.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

When it comes to DESIGN, everybody knows who Adobe is. Adobe products have long been the GOLD STANDARD for any tool for a Designpreneur. They have Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom products in this particular category. Their products are subscription based and they come in different packages/plans depending on the user’s need. Currently they offer Photography plans (20GB & 1 TB of storage), One app plan (just choose which app you want to use) and the ALL APPS plan which gives you access to EVERYTHING that Adobe has to offer. The only drawback i see, specially for a Designpreneur who is just starting out is their pricing which is on the high end portion of any budget, but i do think Adobe makes up for it with their value adding add ons to your subscription like including Typekit, Mobile app premiums, just to name a few.

Affinity Photo & Designer

A few years back, some small company brought out the very first REAL competitor for Adobe, Affinity products, coming from a long time solid company called Serif, a British software company. Affinity products are offered for Mac, Windows, and iOS users (iPad Pro only). They currently have both Vector and Raster software which were awarded top honors in each platform ( Top apps in Apple Store, Microsoft New App of the Year)

I personally recommend Affinity products and even bought their workbooks and have it shipped all the way from Europe. They are currently on sale with their workbooks and recently launched Affinity Designer on iPad.

Autodesk Graphic and Sketchbook

From leading Architecture and Design software firm Autodesk comes Graphic and Sketchbook for graphic designers to work on vector and raster images. Graphic is available only in Mac and iOS devices and Sketchbook is available in Windows, Mac and iOS. Graphic is a paid app on Mac and Apple store. Sketchbook is FREE but they have a Pro subscription available.

Corel Graphics Suite

Corel has been a mainstay in the Graphic Design software business along with Adobe. They offer a lifetime license and recently introduced subscription options which is the same business model as Adobe. They offer one of the advanced software in graphics design and their pricing is a bit lower than that of Adobe.

Inkscape and GIMP

FREE open source software are very common in any software tool but in the Designprenur’s Toolkit, nothing compares to Inkscape and GIMP when it comes to maturity and functionality. You can check out Tutorials by LogosByNick on Youtube. He inspired me to start my journey on Visual Design.

Gravit Designer

A newcomer in the Graphic design software industry. They offer a full featured vector software for any operating system including Chrome, Linux, and even on your Web browser. They were recently acquired by Corel adding to their growing list of Design products.

Vectr by Pixlr

Vector is a FREE vector software available for the desktop and on your web browser. It is part of the products developed by Design SaaS company Pixlr who recently introduced Pixlr Pro. We will discuss Design SaaS later in the next parts of this Designpreneur’s Toolkit 2018.

Video and Animation

It’s been estimated by many experts in the Design world that Video is the media of the future. See also my previous blog HERE on why you need to have your own YOUTUBE channel.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Adobe is again making its mark here as the GOLD STANDARD for videos and animation. No video and animation professional will ever say that they don’t know Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. You can get their Single App Plan or their ALL APPS plan which gives you a lot of value addons to your subscription.


Animaker is an online animation software as a service (SaaS) that let’s you create your own animations. You pay a subscription to use this software for commercial purposes.

Animatron Studio

I included Animatron studio here even though they are a SaaS type of video and animation software tool. They make it easy for anyone without design or animation skills to quickly and easily. If you are interested in getting their LIFETIME subscription, check the end of this blog for my affiliate link to the lifetime deal. Thank me by tweeting about it!

Crazy Talk Animator 3

This is another software made specially for animators beginners and pros! Unlike Animatron studio, this is installed into your PC or Mac. Just like Animatron, there is a discounted deal available, check the end of this blog for the link to the lifetime deal. Must have tool to complement Animatron Studio.

Da Vinci Resolve

Resolve is actually a video editor / compositing tool by Black Magic Design which recently integrated Fusion VFX into the software. It is a very powerful software that is FREE and is also available as a paid STUDIO version with more collaboration features.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm is also a video editor / compositing tool by FX Home which is very popular because it is FREE and it is very easy to use. I personally use both HITFILM and Resolve for video editing, but I started with Hitfilm because it is very easy to use for basic editing and compositing. Their PRO version comes with more advanced Virtual Effects (VFX)  which gives your videos more oomph.

Imovie for MAC and iOS

This is an apple fan favorite for creating movies and comes free on Mac and iOS.

Lumafusion for iOS

When it comes to the GOLD STANDARD for video editing, nothing comes close to Lumafusion. It is PROFESSIONAL video editing available on the Mobile / Tablet devices!

Microsoft Photos

If you have been using Windows Movie Maker in previous versions of Windows, you’ll be glad MS has included a great and easy to use Video editing tool in Microsoft Photos. I discovered this when I opened the app on Windows 10. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, it gives you PREMIUM features such as additional sounds.


This is another animation SaaS that is available on the cloud and is a bit pricier than Animaker (as of writing price). Just like Animaker and Animatron Studio, they make Animation easy so that you can focus on the story.

Synfig Studio

This is an open source software for creating animations similar to Crazy Talk Animator. It is FREE and available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

This is another animation SaaS which makes COOL video intros, outros, marketing videos, and more! They currently have a lifetime deal for their PRO version. Check the end of this blog for my affiliate link.

VSDC Software

Youtubers love this software and why not? It is FREE and it is feature packed with no WATERMARKS! The PRO version comes with a FASTER GPU enabled rendering engine. Check the end of this blog for the LIFETIME deal for the Pro version.

Desktop Publishing

While almost all of the software mentioned in the Vector and Raster section of this blog can create a Flyer, Brochure, and other print materials, there are dedicated software available for this purpose.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Adobe is again making its mark here as the GOLD STANDARD for desktop publishing. No desktop publishing professional will ever say that they don’t know Adobe inDesign. You can get their Single App Plan or their ALL APPS plan which gives you a lot of value addons to your subscription.

Affinity Publisher

This is an upcoming desktop publishing software from the makers of Affinity Photo and Designer. Get the BETA version NOW!


This is another SaaS offering that makes desktop easier with ready made templates.

Microsoft Publisher

This is part of the Office Suite and is available for 365 HOME and select Business versions (PC Only)


Another great desktop publishing suite that is FREE from subscriptions.


This is an Open source software that is absolutely FREE.

Design Inspirations

No designer will ever say that they did not have a DESIGN BLOCK so that’s when design inspiration sites comes in.


A unique design inspiration site that really inspires


Best website awards and trends


Adobe’s Design Inspiration site


This is one of the most popular design inspiration sites.

Deviant Art

This is also one of the most popular design inspiration sites + Print on Demand. Popular deviations and works of Art.


Yes, that is not a typo, but with a triple B


Yahoo’s picture sharing, design inspiration site available on the desktop and mobile so finding your inspiration is easier.


A lot of designers are here


Showcasing creative talent from around the world!


One of the most popular social media sites bought by Facebook. Many advertisers and designers flock and dominate Instagram. They now rival Youtube with their own version of video hosting services. Just check out our Instagram Page!


Probably the most popular in terms of Pinning inspirations for design and just about anything that interests you! Check out our page here, available on the desktop and on mobile!


One of the most popular logo design inspiration sites


Typography at its BEST!


Design for the UI/UX world. It is the Global Network for Creatives.

As promised here are the links I mentioned above.

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Designpreneur’s Toolkit 2018 – Part 1

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