A few years back we started on a small project to gather the BEST tools for Designer Entrepreneurs or Designpreneurs and for next year, we expanded the tools for this NEW NORMAL! Without further adieu, we present to you the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2021!

Designpreneurs Toolkit 2021

The Designpreneurs Toolkit 2021 is a list of tools that will help Designpreneurs with just about any project possible.

We start the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2021 with the All-in-one tools starting with…


Our favorite tool Canva can help you with just about anything possible. From Print templates to Video Intros! Just how awesome? Just ask this guy!

animated social by Mrdzyn Studio

If you’d like to try a FREE 45 day trial courtesy of our Partner link here, then go ahead and enjoy the latest feature curved text!


Crello is our next favorite tool in the All-in-one section and they simply got better and better overtime! Just how better? Just take a look at this one!

Like Canva, they have a very generous FREE plan so you can try out their every feature. If you are interested to upgrade to PRO, they have an ongoing yearly deal here.

Artboard Studio

Artboard Studio might be the only tool in our Designpreneurs Toolkit that started as a Mockup tool for presenting designs. It got some few features along the way, including Animating elements and a few hundred more templates. Just check out the video below!

If you’re interested to upgrade from their FREE plan to a PREMIUM plan, they are currently running a LIFETIME deal for a limited time here.


Glorify has recently been making waves to entrepreneurs and designers working on the e-commerce industry. Just check out this sample

Studies show that a whopping 8 out of 10 customers will buy a product with high-quality product images compared to poor quality images. How do you stack up? If you’re not sure, it’s most likely below average quality. Take advantage of our free trial and bring your products to life!

If you are interested to upgrade to a LIFETIME account of Glorify, just check out this link to the deal.


Easil might just be one of the early Canva alternatives that we tried and liked. They have almost the same features!

Easil is the drag-and-drop design tool that
empowers your whole team to create visual
content so good, it looks like a pro designed it.


Pixteller is one of our early favorites in the All-in-one space. Their timeline animation editor is one of the best we have ever seen, or probably the best here!

If you are interested in upgrading to a DIAMOND plan, do check out their deal here.


DesignBold is probably one of the lesser known All-in-one tools that we truly love to use because of the wide range of resources / assets available. Just take a look at the video below from their YT channel!

They launched a few years back on this marketplace and they’ve since grown on features and design templates just got better!

Design Wizard

Another “not so known” All-in-one design and video editor in one is Design Wizard. We got the chance to check our their PRO plan and use it from time to time. Just check out one of their videos below!

Design Wizard uses a credit system for their PRO plan and their BUSINESS plan allows for unlimited design downloads.


RelayThat is one of the “fastest” design editors for Brands and one of the top alternatives to Canva. Just check out this video by AppSumo!

They are currently running a LIMITED TIME offer for their PRO plans here.


Stencil has been our go-to platform for anything QUOTES related post as they have a built in quotes generator right inside the platform. Just check out this short video!

That just about rounds up our Design All-in-ones! Next stop is the VIDEOS department!

Online Video Makers


InVideo has been our top favorite amongst the online video maker platforms and for a good reason! Just check out this awesome intro from the InVideo team!

Just check out one of the latest REAL ESTATE video template we made for them!


Offeo has been one of our top choices when making quick and scroll stopping videos! Just check out below’s video for their Top Templates of the Week!


A recent newcomer in the Online Video Maker space, Multimedia 5 makes it easy to convert an existing blog post to a video. Just check out this video made using MM5!


One of our early favorites, Wave Video has been making waves and they recently added Video Hosting to their platform features!

They are currently running a LIMITED TIME offer here for their Business plan!


Flixier is a full timeline video editor that runs on your web browser! We’ve recently fell in love with the rendering speed of this platform. Just check out this recent video from the team.

Animatron Studio

From the same makers of Wave Video comes their very 1st platform for making 2D explainer videos! Just check out this video from Animatron!

The platform can also export SVG animation so be sure to check them out on their website here.


One of the few platforms on our list where you can create jaw dropping videos in just a click! Check out their intro below


Viddyoze just recently launched their 2020 version of the platform and it looks AMAZING! Just check out this awesome animation video using the platform!


Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that can get you quickly started with its recently launched templates for that quick head start! Just check out this Whiteboard explainer video we created for our brand, Mrdzyn Studio!


From the Bryxen team, makers of the Doodly software, comes another awesome tool for making quick 2D (cartoon) explainer videos! Just check out this awesome video for our chatbots brand!


This is one of the mature online video makers on our list and definitely deserves to be there. They offer enterprises creating videos at scale using their technology! Just check out this awesome video we created using the platform.

Recast Studio

The team has been hard at work at making their online video making platform one of the best in the business and they recently introduced Audiograms! Just check out this short tutorial on animating text using the platform!


A recent addition to our tools in the Designpreneurs Toolkit 2021, Tyle makes it easy to get social media videos done in just a few clicks! Just check out this short promo video from the team! Note: some videos might be in Korean but they do have auto translations and speech to text engine inside the platform!


Another recent addition to our Designpreneurs Toolkit 2021 is Vidyou which makes it so easy to create videos at scale for your online store! Just check out this short video how it works inside their platform!


Another recent newcomer to the online video making scene is adLaunch. They recently launched a Video Generator (BETA) and I am pretty sure that you’ll love it too! Just check out the short video demo of the platform below


Reevio was one of our early favorites for creating quick jaw dropping videos and their platform just keeps on improving! Check out this amazing catchy video we did using the platform!


One of the most popular mobile apps just got better with them introducing templates! They are a photo editing and meme making app but would soon cover videos! Check out their Discover video below

HitFilm Pro

Our last 2 entries in the Video making category are actually video desktop editors which have proven to be one of the most highly recommended ones! They are now on version 16 and they have a very generous EXPRESS (FREE) edition so be sure to check their recent promotion below

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

The team recently introduced Shutterstock videos, images, and music to their very affordable subscription plans and one of the fastest video editors available. They also have mobile apps available that are free. Just check out what you can do with their video editor below

Photo / Raster Editors

Even with the online photo and video editors around, there is still some room for offline / desktop photo editors! Below are some of the BEST that we have tried. Some call them Photoshop killers!

Affinity Photo

Probably the BEST and most AFFORDABLE photo editing app on almost all platforms – Windows, Mac, and iOS! They recently launched version 1.8 of the software and it has been an amazing journey for them so far! Check out this launch video below


These guys have been around for a long time and their Digital Asset Management product is one of the best in the industry used by top notch photographers. Check out their video below for the launching of the 2021 version


One of the quick solutions to enhancing your photos (RAW) automagically!

PaintShop Pro

One of the original Photoshop alternatives I have been using since my college days! Check out their 2021 version in the video below


An online photo editor that we’ve included here is making recent waves as they introduced more features and making photo editing on your web browser as fast as the desktop!

They are running a limited time offer here for their PREMIUM plans on Pixlr X and E!

Autodesk Sketchbook

One of our favorite iPad apps for sketching aside from Procreate and Affinity apps!


Probably the most well known Photoshop alternative. Gimp has evolved to be one of the BEST desktop graphic applications in the market. Check out this GIMP tutorial from one of our favorite designers, Nick Saporito!

Vector Editors

Not all online editors support SVGs or vectors. Illustrator is still the king, but there are alternatives and we’ve compiled them below!

Affinity Designer

We’ve followed the journey of the Affinity (serif) team and it has been a great software so far, both on desktop and on mobile! Check out this awesome live session from the team

Gravit Designer

One of our early favorites and now part of the Corel product lineup. They have since moved to the subscription model as part of their cloud based platform.


One of the best FREE vector editors available but generally slower than the paid ones! Check out this awesome tutorial again from Nick!

Corel Graphics Suite

The real Adobe Illustrator alternative is Corel’s product lineup. It is very powerful and they recently introduced a subscription plan.


Another FREE online based vector editor is Vectr and this one works on all platforms including Linux!


Graphic is one of our favorite vector apps on iPad. We rarely use the app nowadays but we bought the premium app on the App Store. It is now part of the Autodesk product lineup.

There you have it folks! The Designpreneurs Toolkit 2021! Be sure to check out our other articles and give this post a HEART if you like it!


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