The Top 5 Online Infographic Makers in 2020 for creating an infographic from scratch

I share with you my Top 5 Online Infographic Makers in 2020!

Infographic tools are an ideal solution when you want to transform masses of information into easy to read visuals. We gauge our Top 5 based on the tools that we currently have access to and found very easy to customize and personalize templates to tell our stories. If you are interested in other software that we endorse, click here to go straight to our previous blog.

Top 5 Infographic Maker in 2020 for Designpreneurs
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Visme might be one of my favorite Infographic Makers, as they use Custom Blocks to make Designing Infographics, so much easier, than doing them from scratch or from a template using offline software such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.

Visme can export High Resolution Images and PDF. Version 3.0 of the platform is currently undergoing its final stages of testing and will soon be rolled out to the entire community of Visme users. You can embed Videos and Music to Visme Infographics. Below is an example of how an embedded Visme Infographics looks like.

Designpreneurs Toolkit 2020
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Designpreneurs Toolkit designed using Visme


Canva might be more popular for creating quick and beautiful Social Media graphic designs, but actually Canva is one of my earliest tools where I am able to create awesome and shareable infographics!

The platform is on its 2nd version and things have been improving and improving inside the platform. Their Canva Pro (paid) subscription is actually a steal with over a million photos, graphic elements, and now already includes Videos and animations. You can also publish to different websites and social media by upgrading to a Pro subscription today! My 2019 Designpreneurs Toolkit was designed using Canva!


Easelly is one of the not – so – popular online infographic maker, but easily one of the most design-worthy templates are here!

Their editor is one of the most beautifully designed in the infographic maker space. Going PRO (paid) subscription is really inexpensive at less than $50 in a year!


This platform is very unique that I really liked it a lot. It is literally storyboarding used on scripts, and now even Infographics. You can be as creative as you want with all the unique illustrations, backgrounds, and elements that are available inside the platform!

What I really liked about the platform is that you are able to customize the built-in characters that is part of your “story” to tell!

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Made with Storyboard That


Snappa is also one of the not-so-popular-infographic-kid-on-the-block, but I find their templates very easily adaptable to any story that I would like to tell using Infographics!

Best Online Business Ideas from Snappa
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Created using Snappa

What is your favorite Infographic Maker?

Designpreneurs Top Infographic Maker 2020
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What’s your Favorite Online Infographic Maker?

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Top 5 Infographic Maker in 2020
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